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The Tittydragon by Kiebler

Sweet Piece of Glass is proud to showcase amazing glass artists from around the country. Contact us if you would like to make an offer on one of the pieces on display. Most gallery prices are negotiable.

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Microwave Safe Glass stickers are now available!

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JahOne Glass Carving
The Tittydragon by Kiebler


Featured Artists

B-Hold Glass Sword Set of 5

 B-Hold Glass

 Garden of Eden

The Mother by Kiebler

Kenneth Kiebler

Jahone Red Elvis Rainbow

Jah One Glass

Jeff Williams Wig Wag Klein Recycler

 Jeff Williams

philpot glassworks custom

Philpot Glassworks

Glassmith wig wag uv pocket bottle


little pot glass atomic blue stardust micro

Little Pot Glass

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