Glass Artist Origins: Glassmith

In a chill neighborhood not too far from where I’m currently residing, lives a gentleman glass artist who goes by the name Glassmith. He’s not THE glassmith, but he’s a glassmith, one of many living in the Eugene Oregon area. He’s definitely one of us, which makes me smile every time I hang out with him. He gets it.

Chase Smith makes bad ass ball rigs and pocket bottles, but he doesn’t do it for the love of the production work. Much like the majority of the artists who live here, he’s attracted to the torch and uses it as one of his many creative outlets and inspirations. Unlike a lot of glass artists living in Eugene, Chase has been working with glass since he was a kid, and got his start in ceramics in the first grade. I’ll let him tell you the story, and a few other ones in the video below.

You should definitely follow @_Glassmith on Instagram and check out the auctions he does. I’ve got two of his bluv pocket bottles and I use them every day. They are super sweet pieces of glass.

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