How to Keep Your Quartz Banger Clean: The Cold Start

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I’ve written a couple of times about the different ways you can keep your quartz clean and fresh looking. I didn’t know it at the time, but on the last post about how to keep your quartz clean from July 2018, I was describing what people are now calling the cold start method.

Our friend and resident quartz maker Jake Mizer, who has been a proponent of this method for years, explained that you don’t have to overheat the quartz then wait for the cool down. Simply use the heat you need. Any more than that and you are needlessly overheating the quartz, and inevitably reducing it’s heat retention capability and lifespan.

Someone, at some point on the internet named it, and that name is the cold start.

Keeping Quartz Clean: The Cold Start

The more you use the cold start method, the longer your quartz banger will last. How does one cold start? It’s super easy, and once you try it out a couple of times, it’ll become the way you dab. Especially when you see how nice your quartz bangers are staying.

Start out with your dab just like you normally would, except for one thing. Before you heat up your quartz banger, place the dab inside. This is going to work best with quartz bangers that have a flat top, and it’s easier to do with 90 degree angle joints, but with enough practice you’ll be cold starting up a storm on all sorts of angles and quartz tops.

cold start with heatmizer quartz

After you place the dab inside the quartz banger, you will place the carb cap on top. This will help the dab vaporize better. With the carb cap on, start heating the bottom of the quartz banger. Remember, it doesn’t take long when using a butane or propane torch to get the dab up to the necessary vaporization temperature.

All the Dab Time

Times will vary depending on the thickness of your banger and the material you are dabbing. You will see the dab start to bubble. Once that happens, you can give it a bit more heat, but not much. Set the torch down and start taking the dab, manipulating the carb cap like you normally would.

That’s really all there is to it. The other main points to keep in mind when trying to keep your quartz clean are simple. Once you take your initial dab, you can then reheat as necessary, or if you are all finished with the dab, qtip the remaining oil out of the banger. If you have allowed the oil to cool down to the point where it’s not longer wiping off easily, simply heat up the quartz banger a bit, then swab it out again with a qtip. Do this until all of the residual oil is gone.

Some people like to use isopropyl on their qtips to clean out quartz bangers after a dab. I don’t think it’s completely necessary, but it can help. Plus it makes a cool sizzle sound when you touch the isopropyl soaked qtip into the quartz if it’s warm enough. Just be careful it’s not super hot, because you could end up flashing the isopropyl and starting a fire. If you start a fire at a dab sesh, you are probably going to have a bad time. Unless of course, it’s that kind of party.

This method is guaranteed to keep your quartz looking fresh and clean, assuming you don’t start the oil on fire. Make sure to get all of the oil into the bucket. Don’t make a mess on the sides and especially don’t get any on the bottom of your quartz banger. If you do, then you go to fire up the cold start, you’re going to have a bad time.

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