Jred Diamond Loop Terpcycler Review

I’m a huge fan of the work Jred Glass puts out. The Jred Diamond Knots are currently the only quartz we sell on the site, and the main quartz I use on the daily. So when he came out with the Diamond Loop Terpcycler, I was super stoked that he sent me one to check out.

So what is the Diamond Loop Terpcycler? It’s a new style of banger Jred developed based on the idea of recycling the material that isn’t dabbed on the first go round. You know how there’s always that puddle left in the banger after a nice size dab? Well the Diamond Loop Terpcycler helps you get more bang for your buck so to speak.

Jred Glass Diamond Loop Terpcycler

The Diamond Loop Terpcycler is a bit more pricey than your normal banger, but it’s not your normal banger now is it? If you want something a little easier on the pocket book, I reviewed the Jred Thermal Diamond Knot Bucket here a while back. But honestly, after using both of these awesomely made American quartz bangers, I would say spend the extra 30 bones and get the Diamond Loop Terpcycler. You’ll be glad you did. Check out the video I made below to see this beast in action.

For 230 bucks you get two diamond knot power gears, the Diamond Loop Terpcycler, and the special Terpcycler carb cap. Simply drop the insert into the bucket, slap the bucket onto your favorite rig, heat that shit up and get ready to go to funkytown. If you take a really big dab to the point where the diamond knot power gear is no longer vaporizing your material, simply reheat a bit and go back for seconds.

Clean up is pretty easy too. Granted, for the sake of making the video I was dunking the Diamond Knot Power Gear, the cap, and the Terpcycler itself into a beaker of 99% isopropyl alcohol after each dab. That way I could keep the quartz looking as clean and fresh as possible throughout the shoot. For normal daily use, a little isopropyl to drop the Diamond Knot Power Gear into is recommended. The cap or a dabber will get it out of the bucket with ease, then just drop it in. It’s quartz so it won’t break.

You can use a long qtip to get the residual out of the Terpcycler. I recommend the longer wooden stick qtips for swabbing out the bucket, mainly because of how long it is. The wooden stick q-tips make it much easier to reach all the reclaim and get it swabbed out. Regular q-tips definitely work, but I think you’ll have an easier time with a bit of a longer handle. After using it for a couple of weeks, I definitely think dunking the whole Terpcycler into a beaker of isopropyl is the way to go. It’s just too hard to get all of the reclaim out after each dab otherwise.

I took the Diamond Loop Terpcycler down to Sweet Tooth for a sesh, and unless there’s some isopropyl and all the gear you need to properly clean the Diamond Loop in between dabs, dishing up 5 dabs in a row to get everyone lit properly, tends to dirty it up a bit. Not a huge deal, we like to go hard when testing out some new gear. I didn’t realize I had forgotten qtips and isopropyl until it was too late.

Jred Glass Diamond Loop Terpcycler

The moral of the story? Make sure you are prepared. For personal at home use where you are able to dunk it in some isopropyl alcohol in between dabs seems to be the perfect use case. But if you want to bring your Diamond Loop out to sesh it with some friends, make sure you have the right gear to keep it clean in between dabs, otherwise you might end up with a little bit of a fire on your hands.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t usually throw up from taking dabs. But the Jred Diamond Loop Terpcycler hit me so hard, I was having a hard time catching my breath, and eventually I had to feed the garbage disposal, if you catch my drift. It hits that hard. Granted, I’m not known for taking the biggest dabs, but I can usually get three or four good rips in before I have to back up off the rig.

But the rips the Diamond Loop Terpcycler was dishing out during the shot when I’m ripping the Mothership were just too much for my little lungs to handle. Like Snoop said in Gin and Juice, “I had to back up off of it and set my cup down.” It definitely got me.

Jred Glass Diamond Loop Terpcycler

If you like taking big dabs or just not wasting the dabs you take, I definitely recommend scooping up one of these Diamond Loop Terpcyclers. They are bit on the pricey side, but after you hit one you’ll wonder how the hell you’ve been dabbing before.

We aren’t selling the Diamond Loop Terpcycler here on SPOG currently, but if you want one you can get your own on the Jred Glass Diamond Loop shop page. If you want a regular Jred Diamond Knot, we have both the 10mm male and 14 mm male in stock.

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