Portable Flower Vaporizer Review – The Vapium Lite

Recently, the good people over at Vapium sent me the new Vapium Lite to review. There’s a ton of flower vaporizers out there, and navigating the ins and outs of them can be quite the task. Some are super expensive and full of features you probably don’t need. Some are cheap plastic that will probably melt in your hand eventually.

Luckily for everyone who’s looking for a new flower vape, people like me put them to the test and share our honest reviews. What’s the best flower vaporizer out there? That all depends on your particular use case.

Vapium Lite Portable Flower Vaporizer


It seems like the first wave of flower vapes I reviewed were what I would consider to be a, normal size form factor. They focused on things like being able to switch from concentrate to flower by putting in some sort of disc or catch for the oil, and apps that offered hidden boost modes and other expandability to the normal use case.

The next generation of portable weed vaporizers seem more focused on a smaller form factor, and being discreet, as well as user friendly. The Vapium Lite has achieved all of those things. Combine that with one of the nicer price points on the market right now at $79.00, and you have yourself one hell of a flower vaporizer.

Vapium Lite Portable Flower Vaporizer


What’s Good with the Vapium Lite Vaporizer?

Like I said previous, the buttons are super simple to use and work really well for what the vape needs to do. There’s no need to confuse consumers with a ton of settings and different temperature curves and boost modes 90% of them are never going to use. The Vapium Lite has eight different temperature settings, with the four main ones being displayed on the device.

I normally like to set it at the highest setting when I’m vaping flower, but if you are trying to conserve battery power, you can set it lower and still have an enjoyable experience.

Don’t Stir the Pot

The ceramic induction heating chamber gets hot enough to dish out rips in about 45 seconds, and holds enough flower material to get me nice and ripped. One session on the device does me good, but if I’m feeling extra irie, a second round definitely hits the spot. Two sessions will typically finish the amount of cannabis I’m loading into the chamber. I don’t pack it super tight, but I like to pack it down some.

Usually these sorts of vaporizers need to be stirred every now and then, but I noticed while using the Vapium Lite, that it seemed to vaporize all of the flower without needing to be stirred. Probably because I was hitting it on the highest temperature setting. Don’t worry if you don’t like to vape those higher temp hits, because just like the Summit+, the Vapium Lite comes with a built in stir stick / tamper.

Vapium Lite Portable Flower Vaporizer

As a Pixel 3 Android user, I appreciate the use of USB C to charge the device. It’s always nice when extra cords can be eliminated from my backpack. You can get a full charge in just under an hour, but as we all know with Lithium Ion batteries, they like to be kept as fully charged as possible, whenever possible. Always sure to plug the Vapium Lite in whenever its not in use.

The Vapium Lite uses an 1100 mAh 18500 Lithium Ion battery. It’s good to practice this with all of your lithium ion battery powered devices. The batteries will thank you with longer life.

The Vapium Lite is One Easy to Use Flower Vaporizer

This is one flower vape that is super easy to load. Just grind up some weed and remove the mouthpiece of the vaporizer. That will reveal the heating chamber. I like to use a rolling paper to shovel in the herb, but if you don’t mind sticky fingers, you can just grab a couple of pinches and toss it in the hole.

Use the tamper side of the poker that is hiding on the bottom of the vaporizer. It’s the perfect shape to tamp down the weed, and to make sure you don’t leave weed crumbs on the top of the mouthpiece.

Once you get it loaded, clean it off, and place the mouthpiece back on. The Vapium Lite also comes with a mouthpiece that can be used to take hits out of glass, or you can attach a tube to it. Whatever your pleasure the Vapium Lite has you covered.

Vapium Lite Portable Flower Vaporizer

Using the Vapium Lite is as simple as holding down a button. The power button that is. Hold it down for three seconds and you’ll feel the vibration of the Vapium Lite coming to life. If it’s already at the correct temperature setting, then all you have to do is wait for the vaporizer to vibrate again. If you need to adjust the temperature, hit the + or -. There is also a visual cue.

When the Vapium Lite is in standby mode, just press the power button once and the Vapium Lite will start heating up again. Do nothing, and the vape will eventually turn itself off. This is, of course, detailed in the instruction manual.

Vapium Lite Portable Flower Vaporizer

Vapium Lite Yes or No?

After using the Vapium Lite flower vape for a couple of weeks now, I can give it a resounding yes. It’s got a great price point, the form factor feels fantastic in the hand, and the construction is sturdy. It gets the job done in a sleek, low price device. If you want something even more durable and a bit larger, definitely check out the Vapium Summit+. But for $79.00, it’s definitely going to be hard to beat the Vapium Lite.

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