These are the artists currently adorning the shelves of the SPOG Private Collection with their exceptional work. If you see something you like, reach out, or send me a DM on Instagram. We also have a Discord chat. Join here and @ mat if you have any questions.

We also accept Project 33 / A Starship in Every Garage Art Units for partial payment, as well as some types of cryptocurrency.

SPOG Private Collection

B-Hold Glass

Blaek aka B_Hold_Glass


Chase Smith a glassmith

JahOne Glass

JahOne Glass

Jeff Patterson

Jeff Patterson

Jonny Carrcass

Jonny Carrcass

Josh Chappell

Josh Chappell - Chappell Glass

Kaja Glass

Kyle Rich aka Kaja Glass


Kenneth Kiebler

Brandon Philpot

Little Pot Glass

Mike Philpot

Mike Philpot OG

Philpot Glassworks

Philpot Glassworks

Unlmtd Glass

Matt aka Unlmtd Glass