quartz 14 mm jacketed banger
Quartz banger 14mm male jacketedquartz 14 mm jacketed banger

Quartz Banger Jacketed Thick Bottom 10 mm or 14 mm Male


Clear Joint in 10 mm male or 14 mm male

78 mm long

Damn near 4 mm thick bottom

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Product Description

Let’s face it, quartz is a disposable piece of gear at this point. There’s no reason to pay over $200 for a banger, unless you are trying to prove something. For the rest of us, there’s these 14mm male jacketed quartz China bangers. Quartz is quartz, so stop wasting money just because it says made in America. Was it made on earth? Because that’s where I live. When people in America start making jacketed quartz bangers for under 80 bucks, we’ll think about buying them again.

These bangers are 100% quartz, and we’ve been using them for quite a while now with zero issue.

Quartz banger joint size: 10 mm male or 14 mm male

We figure most of you have heady bubble caps for these, but if you need one, make sure to include that in the order notes.

28 mm outer diameter

17 mm inner diameter

Additional Information

Joint Size

10 mm male, 14 mm male