Spinnercaps and Terp Pearls

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On today’s SPOG Blog post, I want to talk about spinnercaps and terp pearls. What are they and why do you need to know about them? What makes a good spinnercap? Do you need the terp pearls or is the spinnercap enough? Is spinnercap one word or is it spinner cap? I’m going to answer most of these questions on today’s SPOG Blog post. Check out the video for some spinnercap terp pearl function.

These are all questions I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been hanging out in the r/Dabs subreddit Discord chat. Maybe it’s because everyone is hyped on terp pearls and spinnercaps right now. Is there a good reason for the hype? Or is it just that, nothing but hype driven accessories to get some cash out of you?

Spinnercaps and Terp Pearls: A Quick Definition

What is a spinner cap? Basically, any cap that has two or more holes designed specifically to create airflow in a circular motion for spinning terp pearls around the inside of a quartz banger. So what are terp pearls? Those are the little tiny marbles people use with their quartz banger.

Dandi Glass UV Terp Pearl Sets

If you checked out the SPOG Blog about carb caps, you’ll understand that carb caps use airflow to move the oil around the hot banger, preventing any cold or hot spots from forming. Terp pearls take that oil movement one step further by moving the oil around the quartz banger instead of the air. The air moves the terp pearls, and the terp pearls move the oil around the banger, preventing any hot or cold spots from forming, thus giving you a more even temperature dab.

Where Do I Find Spinner Cap Terp Pearl Sets?

I’m glad I asked. Of course, you can find a few different spinnercap terp pearl sets right here on SPOG!

Dandi Glass UV Terp Pearl Sets

Check out the carb cap section to see what we currently have available. As of the writing of this we have Glassmith fumed spinner caps with clear boro terp pearls, and some Dandi Glass UV spinner caps with Lucy terp pearl sets available.

Terp Pearls or No Terp Pearls

So do the terp pearls make that much more of a difference if you are using a good carb cap to begin with? I don’t believe they do, but they sure are a lot more fun. We like things that spin, and we like dabs. So put the two together and you have yourself one hell of a dab setup.

Cowboy Terp Pearls

Granted, I don’t think you are getting any more movement that makes a difference compared to a good carb cap. Of course, if you spend a bunch of money on a terp pearl and spinnercap set, you will want to rationalize that purchase by convincing yourself, and anyone around you who happens to ask, that terp pearls are way better than not using terp pearls. Don’t believe me? Just asking anyone with an insert…

At the end of the day, like most things in the dab culture, it comes down to user preference. Do you like watching little tiny marbles spin around in your quartz banger? Then cool, get some. If you don’t, then don’t. What matters, is that you are enjoying the dabs as much as the dabbing ritual itself.

How Do I Use Spinner Caps and Terp Pearls?

The best way I’ve found to use terp pearls and a spinner cap is to do what is known as a cold start. You take your dab, and place it inside your quartz banger. Then take a terp pearl or two and also place that in the banger.

glassmith fumed spinnercap terp pearl set

Now you will heat the banger like you normally would. Once your dab starts to bubble, heat it for another second or two, then set the torch down, toss the spinnercap on there, and make those terp pearls spin around.

glassmith fumed spinnercap terp pearl set

Some people also like to put their terp pearls into the banger after they heat it up. I don’t think it really matters, although it could, depending on what your terp pearls are made out of. Typically, they are made out of the same glass your rigs are made out of. Borosilicate glass.

I have never had a problem cracking my boro terp pearls by heating them up during a cold start. Granted, not all terp pearls are made out of boro, and even if they are not all of them are made well, so your mileage may vary.

Jake C. Spinnercap

You can also go in hot like you would a normal, non cold start dab. Just heat up your banger like you normally would, wait for it to cool down, then, before you add your dabbing material, toss the terp pearls in there. The more you dab with a particular setup, the better you will get to know that setup, and what works best in your situation.

Dandi Glass UV Terp Pearl Sets

As always, I’m happy to help answer any of your questions, just hit me up on Instagram or join the r/Dabs Discord. I should also mention that the Hot Box podcast is back and recording new episodes live through Discord. You can catch the shows every Saturday at 1 p.m Pacific time.

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