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We’re having a raffle fundraiser!

In September 2020, a good friend of mine named Josh had a few seizures. He had never had seizures before so a few days later he went to the hospital to get a scan and see what might have caused it. The scan revealed a golf ball sized tumor in Josh’s brain.

Fast forward to the end of October 2020. Josh had a successful brain surgery to remove the majority of the cancerous tumor in his brain. Now the healing begins.

Josh has been out of work since the middle of October. He is just beginning his recovery, so he is anticipating being out of work for another month or two. This is where you come in!

Josh Potgang Spog Raffle Fundraiser

SPOG is hosting a fundraiser through the r/Dabs subreddit and discord, as well as Mat’s Instagram page. The prize? Besides all of the positive karma, and the happy feels you’ll get knowing you are helping out a good friend of mine, we will be drawing a winner for this full size clear Philpot Spinnerjet set. The set comes with a clear Razormaria pendant, a 14 mm male Jred Diamond Knot, and a clear Philpot Spinnerjet. This all comes shipped to your door in a silver Pelican case. The Spinnerjet set has a retail value of $650.

Josh Potgang Spog Raffle Fundraiser

For every 10 dollars donated between now and Sunday, January 3rd, you will receive 1 entry. All entries must be in by 11:59 pm Pacific Time Sunday, January 3rd. In order for your entry to count, you must send Mat a screenshot of your GoFundMe donation receipt.

If you donate $50 to Josh’s GoFundMe, you will receive 5 entries. If you donate $100, you will receive 10 entries. The winner will be picked during a live stream on the r/Dabs discord on Saturday, January 9th 2021.

You can read more about Josh’s brain surgery, and follow his recovery via the updates his family is posting on his GoFundMe page.

Josh Potgang Spog Raffle Fundraiser

If you have any questions, please email Mat (at) or DM @thejamhole on Instagram, or send a private message to Dabmat on the r/Dabs Discord. Thank you all so much for your support during these dark times. Remember, no matter how hard life gets, we can get by with a little help from our friends.


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What a crazy year it’s been. My apologies for everyone trying to get Jake Mizer quartz. We get them as fast as he can make them, and we’re not the only shop that he makes them for. We must be patient, and eventually we will get another drop. I’ve got a list going of everyone who has reached out trying to get their hands on some. For now, we do have Jred Diamond Knots in stock if that will hold you over until the next Mizer drop happens.

I also want to let everyone know that we are starting our end of the year sale. I’ve gone through the site and marked down a bunch of glass. If there’s something you’ve been waiting to get, now is the time! Message me on Discord, or through Instagram if you have any questions about anything on the site. The sale ends January 1st 2021.

We’re down to our last couple 14 mm to 10 mm adapters, so if you want one, get it before they are sold out. We won’t be getting anymore of these for a while.

If you need a ZB Clear V2 we have them on sale right now! Check out the carb cap section here on SPOG and see if there’s anything you need.

Please stay safe out there everyone! We’re almost done with the year and looking forward to what 2021 has in store for us. Personally, I’ve just been working, playing a lot of disc golf, and working on another hip hop album. Living the dream as they say. Definitely don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or an offer on a sweet piece of glass.


Vacation time has come and gone. Thank you to everyone who copped a Heatmizer while I was gone. If you missed it, they were in the Discord chat as well as in my IG story. They also went in like 2 days, which is some sort of record. Our next drop should be more Porters and Economizers for those of you who have been waiting. Make sure to follow my IG or the Discord to get first dibs at them when they arrive. I always post in both places before they hit the site. Everything else should be working again, so if you had your eye on a sweet piece of glass, hit me up and let’s chat about it.


It’s finally vacation time! Thank you all so much for the support. SPOG will be closed for the next few weeks while I take a little break. As always, you can DM me on Instagram or find me in our Discord server if you have any questions or to reserve something for when the shop opens again. Stay safe out there!


Happy birthday America! Welcome to July everyone. I hope you are continuing to be safe out there and stay as healthy as you can. I’ve got a few quick updates.

First we got our new drop of Jake Mizer quartz in. Just like last time, they went pretty quick. As of writing this, we currently have 1 10 mm male Porter, 2 10 mm female 45 degree angle Porters, and 1 10 mm male Economizer. You can find all of our available quartz here on the quartz page. We should be getting another drop in a few weeks. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories, or hang out in the r/Dabs Discord chat. I always post there when the quartz drops happen.

Speaking of the r/Dabs Discord, we’re doing another giveaway. This time we’re giving away an Emperial SourGang candy bottle. Come join us in the Discord chat for details on how to win or check out the post here on the Hot Box podcast for more details.

We got our Philpot Phlowerpot drop! There are currently 2 Philpot Phlowerpots available. These are super sweet. They feature a diffuser plate, and some sexy philpot phorm / phunction. You can find them both here on the Philpot page.

Make sure to join us every Saturday at 1 pm pacific time for the Hot Box podcast. We’ll be announcing how to enter the giveaway today, July 4th. I hope to see you there.

Thank you to everyone who has been downloading and streaming my new hip hop album, Virus Diaries. I see you, and it brings me great joy knowing people are enjoying my little rap side project.


It’s June now and things have certainly gotten crazy out there. I hope you have all managed to stay safe and healthy during these crazy times. I’ve got a few SPOG updates for you. First of all, I’m super excited to announce that my new hip hop album, Virus Diaries, is now available on Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. This is my 10th album and the first one I’ve ever made where I created all the beats. Usually I buy beats or have my brother make them, but this time, I broke out my Maschine Mikro MK2 and made myself figure it out.

I created about 65 beats since the beginning of the year. The first 25 or so are basically garbage and me figuring out how the Maschine Mikro works. But once i got it kind of figured out, it was totally sweet. So I picked out my favorite 16 beats out of the bunch, and started writing to them. A few months later Virus Diaries was finished. My brother 12hythm did the mixing and mastering, and laid down some super dope scratching. My friend Ben created the album art. You can find all the links to Virus Diaries here on the Jamhole music page. You can also find all the lyrics for all of my albums up on Rap Genius.

In glass related news, we’ve got some new glass art from Emperial Glass. First up are these cool Sour Gang candy bottles. We have this one with two purple sour gummi worms in it. Then there’s this one with a sour melon, a gummi bear, and a worm. We also got a few clear tubes in. Check out our full Emperial Glass drop here.

We also got some great new caps in! First up are these sweet channel cap containers by Change Glassworks. They spin terp pearls so good it’ll make you dizzy. We also have these cute little Firefox Glass bubble caps with the I Heart Anal milli. Whether you love analytics or anal, these are some super sweet caps. Huge thanks to Hornby Glass over at Sand to Hand for hooking up the dope order.

Chappell has also been busy, he dropped off a couple of new spoons and recyclers the other day. Check out our full selection of Chappell Glass here.

That’s going to do it for the SPOG updates. We’re recording the Hot Box podcast live every Saturday at 1 pm pacific time via the r/Dabs Discord. If you want to listen to my friend and I talk about weed, dabs, and glass for an hour, definitely check out the show. Last week we had our friend Wolverine Dabs come by the studio to demo his new Indux Labs Reflux Vaporizer. Man, that thing is super cool. You can check out the live video here at the bottom of the show notes for episode 203.


Happy May everyone, I hope you are all doing well and have weathered the virus storm as best as can be expected. I just wanted to mention a few updates and a couple new drops here on SPOG. First off, we are doing another giveaway! For this one you must be a participant in the r/Dabs Discord chat. This is a Discord only giveaway. For more details, check out the blog post over on the Hot Box podcast. Make sure to come by the Discord and say hi and get your entries in. The winner will be announced on the show Saturday, May 23rd.

We also have a fresh drop of fumed Glassmith work. We have a few brand new fumed out bottles and several spinnercaps to choose from. Check out the Glassmith page in the private collection section.

We should be getting our next Mizer quartz drop in the next week or two. I’ll definitely make a post here and on my Instagram to let you all know when they arrive. The last drop we got sold out in about three days, so definitely keep an eye out for the next one.

We also got a sweet drop of Zach Brown Clear V2 caps available in the carb cap section. These caps are super clean and super sweet. They fit a 20 mm or 25 mm bucket. As always, if you have any questions, just hit me up on Instagram or come chat with us in the r/Dabs Discord.

Make sure you check out the Hot Box podcast. We’re streaming the show live via Discord every Saturday at 1pm pacific time.


We’re doing another Chappell Glass Giveaway! I’ve also gotten together with the cats over on the r/dabs subreddit discord, and we’re going to start doing fresh episodes of the Hot Box podcast. Check out more details here on the Hot Box podcast site, and make sure to join us in the r/dabs subreddit discord here.

I was also just informed that we will be getting some fresh Jake Mizer quartz here next week. So if you have been waiting on the drop to happen, hit me up. Dm me on IG and make sure to get your fresh quartz while they are in stock. These will go quickly. I’ll make another post here when they are in stock.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these weird ass times. Also I want to give a shout out to the USPS for continuing to deliver packages in a timely manner. We definitely appreciate your service. You keep SPOG, a ton of other businesses, able to keep on going through all this. So thanks again!


I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy out there. I’ve got some exciting updates here on SPOG. First off, check out the Carb Cap section! We’ve got some new Dandi Glass Spinnercap Terp Pearl sets available. The green ones will fit 20 mm buckets and larger, while the blue and purple sets only fit 25 mm buckets and larger. Each set comes with a spinnercap and three UV terp pearls. Huge thanks to Dandi Glass for getting those made so quickly.

It’s almost 4-20-2020. In any normal reality timeline, that would be cause for some pretty exciting celebration. But since this isn’t a very good example of a normal timeline, the virus has basically shut down any and all celebrations. That’s not to say we won’t all be celebrating at home with our quarantine companions, whomever they may be. So keep your heads up, this will end and we’ll all move on. Just gotta keep washing those hands and staying away from people.

If you need someone to talk to, I would recommend checking out the Dabs Subreddit Discord Chat. They’ve got a pretty great community over there with a lot of nice, like minded people to chat with. Say hi if you make it there!


Well that certainly escalated quickly. Just a couple of weeks ago we were all business as usual, giving away a sweet Chappell recycler and mini hammer on my Instagram page. Now we’re in the middle of a virus pandemic. As long as the USPS is still functioning, we’ll still be shipping out your orders with the same promptness you’ve come to expect from SPOG. That being said, stay safe out there, and if you are in the position to be able to stay at home, please do.

The virus is delaying some supply chains, so be patient with us. We will have another drop of fresh Mizer quartz as soon as humanly possible. As of this writing, we are pretty low on stock. We’re all sold out of the 14mm male joint Mizers, but we do have some 10mm male joint Mizers available still. To see what is currently available, check out the quartz page.

We still have some beautifully functional Czar Glass Ultra Scoops available. Check out what we have here on the glass tools page.

We also just got in a brand new faceted recycler by Josh Chappell. This one is a beauty, so make sure to check it out here on the Chappell Glass page.

Please stay safe out there everyone, and remember, don’t touch your face so much. If you need something to listen to during these dark, uncertain times, consider checking out the Jamhole. It’s a free comedy podcast I host with my girlfriend and our roommate. It will definitely help kill some time.


Already into March of 2020, and we’ve got some great American made glass art heading to SPOG. First off I want to thank everyone who participated in the Chappell Glass recycler giveaway. The winner has been notified and their glass has been shipped. We’ll do another giveaway in a couple months so stay tuned!

We’re starting to run low on the Mizer quartz. They usually go quick. Everything we have left can be found here on the Quartz page. If you need a custom angle or have any other questions about the Jake Mizer quartz offerings, make sure to send me a message from our Reach Out page, or hit me up through Instagram DM.

We just hit the 700 episode milestone for our comedy podcast, the Jamhole. If you like nonsensical humor and rants, weird news, and other story style adult audio entertainment, check it out. We started the Jamhole back in February 2008. It’s now March 2020 and we’re still cranking out episodes. Definitely subscribe to the Jamhole for free and check out our show.


I hope everyone is having a great 2020 so far. We just got a fresh drop of Jake Mizer quartz, and a couple of brand new Chappell Glass pieces. These pieces are super nice, and are also the first faceted pieces Josh Chappell has released. Be sure to check out his work in the Private Collection. We’re also going to hold a giveaway on my Instagram page this weekend for a Chappell Glass recycler. Be sure to follow @TheJamhole and @ChappellGlass on Instagram so you can get in on this super sweet giveaway. View the giveaway post here.

I should also mention we just got a huge drop of beautiful Czar Glass Ultra Scoops and point tip glass tools. Check out all of our glass tools in the Glass Tools section here.

We have a great new Philpot Spinnerjet set available. This one is a Rastapot. That’s right! Red, green, and yellow complete with a matching Philpot bubble cap. It also comes shipped in a Pelican 1200 case.

Also make sure to check out my new album, Plan B! It’s out on all major streaming platforms, as well as my bandcamp page. Find it on your favorite streaming service here on HearNow. If you like supporting DIY artists, definitely go check it out. Find it on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp among other places.


Welcome to 2020 everyone. We’re going to be working on some SPOG upgrades in the next week or two, so if you see the site acting weird, that’s probably why. In the meantime, if you would like to purchase something and the site is not working, you can always hit me up on Instagram, or email Mat(at) and I’ll be happy to help.


Happy holidays everyone!

I’ve gone through the whole shop and marked a bunch more stuff down. The sale will end at the end of December, so make sure to check it out. There’s a new fumed Spinnerjet available for a great deal, and we’ve also stocked some Jake Mizer Porter Quartz in Female joints. We currently have 10 mm female and 14 mm female Porters available here on the Quartz page. We also have a couple 14 mm male Porters in the 45 degree angle. But if you want one, get it soon, they have been going quick.

We got a huge fresh drop of some brand new Chappell Glass work. If you want some heady recyclers and sherlocks by Josh Chappell, definitely come take a look at his page.

I also want to mention that on Friday, December 13th, my hip hop album Plan B will be released. It’s like my 9th album or something, and we’re super proud of it, so definitely check it out when it’s released. If you like downloading music, you can find it on my Bandcamp page. If you prefer to stream, it should be on all the streaming platforms when it comes out. It’s 13 tracks, 35 minutes of raw hip hop. My brother 12hythm produced it and made most of the beats. Mok Beatz made the other beats, and the album art was made by Ben Wilson. My homies Big Cheese and Chef also make an appearance on a few tracks.

One last thing, if you like listening to podcasts, we’ve recently started up the Jamhole podcast again. It’s a silly comedy show hosted by my girl, my roommate, and myself. Definitely check it out if you enjoy funny things.


We’re having a sale! From now until December 30th a bunch of glass is on sale! Happy holidays to you and yours from me and mine.


We just got a fresh drop of Jake Mizer quartz bangers. The Heatmizers are back in stock in 10 mm and 14 mm male joints. We have also restocked the 14 mm female joint Economizers. We’re also super stoked to bring you a new offering by Jake Mizer. The Porters are a great premium quartz banger that’s a bit thicker than the Economizers with a 25 mm bucket and a price tag that will definitely make you smile. We currently offer the Porters in a 10 mm male and 14 mm male joint. Check out our full selection of freshly stocked quartz here on the quartz page. I’ve also reduced the price of the large clear Philpot set. If you want a great functioning rig, look no further than the Philpot Spinnerjet. This beautiful clear set comes with a clear Razormaria pendant, a 14 mm Jred Diamond Knot, some stickers, and of course the large Philpot Spinnerjet. All shipped in a Pelican 1200. As always, hit my DM on Instagram if you ever have any questions or need some help picking out a sweet piece of glass!


Vacation is over and it’s almost time to get back to work. I’ve gotten the majority of the SPOG inventory moved to our new place, so shipping should be back to the normal turn around time you are all used to. We’ve got a great selection of quartz stocked up on the quartz page, and a couple new Spinnerjets by Mike Philpot over on his page. As always, hit me up on IG with any questions, or send a message through the site.


Finally time for a vacation. The shop will be closed for two weeks starting July 5th. I am bringing the whole quartz selection with me, so if you need some new Diamond Knots, Heatmizers, or Economizers, hit me up on IG or make an order through the shop. All other glass sales will have to wait to get shipped until Monday, July 22nd. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for the support.

I should also mention that we just got a new drop of Jred Diamond Knots! The 10mm Male and 14mm Male Diamond Knots are now back in stock. As always, we also have a great selection of Jake Mizer quartz in both Economizer and Heatmizer versions. Check out the SPOG Quartz page to see the full selection. Hit me up on IG if you have any questions.


Thank you so much to everyone who got something during our moving sale.

As always you can hit me up on IG with any questions, or if you want to chat about a new piece of glass.

We are sold out of the Reclaimer rigs our good friend Jeff Patterson makes. I will be making another order once we get settled in to the new place. But for now, check out his IG. He always posts the new shop drops there.

Thank you all so much for the love and support since we started this thing. We couldn’t support the artists we support without you.


Change is once again in the wind. We’re moving and I don’t want to pack up a bunch of glass, so we’re having a huge sale! Good news for you. Instead of marking things down, simply enter coupon code movingsucks at checkout and you’ll automatically receive 15% off your cart as long as there’s at least $100 worth of stuff in there. If you have your eye on a sweet piece of glass, check it out because you’ll most likely be able to get 15% off it. This doesn’t apply to certain consignment pieces, but if it’s in the actual SPOG collection, it’s fair game. If you have any questions, hit me up on IG.

We’ve still got a couple Jeff Patterson Reclaimer Rigs left. They are super sweet, and at a super sweet price. If you are looking for a dope new pendant, check out the pendant page here on SPOG.

We also have one of the largest Philpot collections available anywhere. If you want to own some of the best functioning glass on the market, check out the Spinnerjet page here.


May is here, and with it brings some new gear to SPOG. First I’m super pleased to announce that along side the Jake Mizer Economizers, we are now selling Heatmizers! These are thicker, with a cool low profile design that you are going to love hitting again and again. Heatmizers are definitely some of the nicest, best priced quartz bangers out on the market. The welds on these quartz bangers are so clean, you’ll wonder how he does it. Check out the new Heatmizers in 10 mm and 14 mm male joints here on the Quartz page. We also now have Economizers in 10 mm and 14 mm female joints to serve all of your quartz needs.

I also want to mention the new Philpot Spinnerjets we have in stock. The first one is this super sexy full color Philpot Spinnerjet. She’s a full size 10 mm female made from Canary, Diet Blue Cheese, and Red Elvis. This is definitely one of the sexiest Spinnerjets we currently have available. That is of course, unless you prefer fume. The second Spinnerjet I want to mention is this shiny full size 14 mm female Philpot Spinnerjet. We like to call her Goldie, but if you take her home you can call her whatever you like. The gold and silver fume on this one is out of this world.

We still have a couple Jeff Patterson Silicone Reclaimer rigs available, but they are definitely going fast. We have them in large 14 mm female and small 14 mm female versions. Each one comes with two glow in the dark silicone reclaim buckets.

Also, remember you can always hit me up on Instagram if you ever have any questions about anything in stock. Have a beautiful Spring everyone.


Happy April everyone! To celebrate the spring sunshine, and of course the most popular heady boy and heady girl holiday. In the spirit of the season we’re having a huge store-wide sale on glass from all your favorite artists! Have you had your eye on a sweet piece of glass by Kiebler? Well, a bunch of his heady art is currently on sale. Check out his page here in the private collection. Have you been going back and forth with yourself over which Philpot Spinnerjet to bring home? Why not buy two? That’s right, the Philpots are on sale for the whole month of April. Get one while the getting is good! Don’t forget we also accept Starship Art Units for up to a third of your order. If you ever have any questions, use the Reach Out menu option, then, reach out!


We are super excited to announce a fresh drop of Jonny Carrcass bubblecaps now available. There’s one bloody baby bubble cap and several Skullpture Series skull caps available. Check out the Jonny Carrcass page in the private collection and pick one up.

If you have more expensive tastes and are looking for a new heady, we have also just added a green sandblasted Skurper by Patrick Lee, as well as two custom Siren Apparatus pieces. The Kleinception, and the purple gear box recycler. I have also added my OG first generation Hamm’s Waterworks Sputnik to the shop.

Keep an eye out in April for some great, gallery wide sales. The whole month of April we’ll be marking down a bunch of glass so we can make room for new gear.

Thank you all for supporting SPOG, which in turn supports all of the artists you see on the shelves. We all appreciate you. If you are looking for other ways to support SPOG, you can help by amplifying our presence on social media or in real life. Does a friend need some new quartz? Point them to Economizers. Did you get your new sweet piece of glass? Make a post on social media about it and be sure to tag us. These things help tremendously with visibility allowing more people to find us, in turn allowing us to support more artists.


We’ve just added some super awesome and extremely affordable clear silicone reclaimer rigs by Jeff Patterson. We have small ones for 150 and large ones for 200. Each comes with a couple of Jeff Glass Art Silicone buckets. We also now have a couple Economizer quartz bangers in female joint sizes. Both 10 mm and 14 mm female Economizers are now in stock!


March is here and with it a bunch of new, awesome glass for you to check out. We just added some Roadhouse Glass bottles to the shop. Great functioning, and even better priced at around 70 bucks each. We’re also freshly stocked up on both 10 mm and 14 mm male Quartz Economizers, and Jred Diamond Knots. You can find those here on the quartz section. Also be sure to check out these two great function videos I made. The first is at the bottom of the Philpot interview post on the SPOG Blog, and it shows off some Spinnerjet function. The second is at the bottom of the Unlmtd Glass page showing off his recycler function. If you have been wanting an Unlmtd Glass Geocycler, I just got two new ones in. You can find all of Matt’s current work here on his page in the private collection.