Latest SPOG News


We’ve published a new review on the SPOG Blog. Mat Lee checked out the Vapium Lite. We also have an extra one, so we’re giving it away. Check out the Instagram post here for more info.


We’re extending our glass sale until the end of November. If you have been waiting to get yourself a new, sweet piece of glass for a great price, now is the time! We’re also stocked up on 10 mm and 14 mm male Economizer round bottom quartz bangers and Jred Diamond Knots. You can find them both on the SPOG quartz page.


We’re super excited to add Jacob Meuser’s Economizer to the site. We were only offering the Jred Diamond Knot before, but now we are able to satisfy those who enjoy bangers also! You can find them on the Quartz page for $70.

We’re also having a sale till the end of October for my birthday. Random items in the shop will be marked down, so if you’ve been waiting to get a new sweet piece of glass, now is a great time!

We are proud to bring you some awesome new Philpot glass tops. These things are super cool, and all handmade by the one and only Mike Philpot. Not only does he make superb functioning rigs and razor sharp pendants, but he also makes tops! You can find the glass tops here in the Philpot collection, or here on our new top page.


Brand new Kaja Glass Microspiral Pendant drop! Check out the pendant section to see all the cool new cfl and uv Kaja Glass Microspiral pendants. These aren’t made from millie, each section is individually hand crafted. They are super cool and completely affordable. To check out all of the current Kaja Glass work we have available, check out his page here on the SPOG Private Collection.

We have a drop of 3 full size 14 mm female Philpot Spinnerjets. One is a big booty fumed Spinnerjet, one is a cool smooth fumed Spinnerjet, and one is a clear Spinnerjet that comes shipped in a pelican with a clear Razormaria pedant, and a 14 mm male Jred Diamond Knot. Check out the Philpot collection here.

Chappell Glass has finished his latest SPOG drop with a set of 5 totally sweet, new style recyclers. They are more compact with a different mouthpiece than his other style, with a function that is just as fluid, if not moreso. SPOG is super excited to have these available for you at a great price. Take one home today for only $200. You can pick up the old style recyclers on sale through the end of October for $175. Check out the Chappell Glass collection here on SPOG.